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Jazz evenings at the Minsk City Hall

Date: 24.06.2017

Venue: Minsk

Address: Minsk, plošča Svabody

Category: Culture


Jazz evenings at the Town Hall are held from 2013. Cleveland Watkiss, Mads Mathias, Sachal Vassandani, Ian Shou, Shenda Rul - jazz performers from all over the world come to Minsk. Last year, the organizers first included in the program not only soloists and instrumental trios, but also two jazz orchestras - the Italian Veneto and The Ambassadors (the jazz band of the US Air Force Orchestra in Europe).

Musicians from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, USA and France will perform in the Belarusian capital this year.

The State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, together with the conductor from New York, Igor Bukhvalov, will present the symphony-jazz program at the town hall.