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9th international festival of medieval culture and music Our Grunwald

Date: 22.07.2017 — 23.07.2017

Venue: Minsk region

Address: Dudutki ethnographic complex

Category: Culture


One of the largest historical festivals in Belarus is dedicated to the famous Battle of Grunwald of 1410 which put an end to more than 200 years of Teutonic invasions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Partaking in the large-scale historical reenactment will be the representatives of Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland.

The festival will have a diverse program with knights’ tournaments, mass infantry and cavalry battles, archers’ tournaments and a big rock and folk concert Feast After the Battle…

Guests of the festival will be also able to try on the suits of armor and take part in knights’ tournaments, attend historical fencing, archery and crossbow shooting workshops, enjoy medieval amusements.