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International festival of medieval culture Navahrudak Castle 2017

Date: 19.08.2017 — 20.08.2017

Venue: Grodno region

Address: The Castle of Navahrudak

Category: Culture


The international festival Navahrudak Castle will be a journey into the age of noble warriors and medieval battles.

The program of the festival will include knights’ tournaments, cavalry battles, mass fights (buhurts) and strongman competitions, tournaments of archers and halberdiers.

One of the most spectacular events will be the reenactment of the crowning of Grand Duke Mindouh which took place on 6 July 1253 as chronicles say. It was the King of Lithuania, as Mindouh was called in Rome even before the crowning ceremony, who managed to unite western Belarusian lands and become the first and the last king in the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Besides, the program of the festival will include martial arts and medieval dancing lessons, a fair of artisans, various entertainments and contests.