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5th international festival Lepel Tsmok Welcomes

Date: 25.08.2017 — 26.08.2017

Venue: Grodno region

Address: Zeĺva

Category: Culture


Gannensky Kirmash (St. Anna’s Fair) gained prominence back in the 18th century as one of the largest fairs in Europe. These days it continues gathering thousands of participants and visitors in the ancient Belarusian town of Zelva.

Centuries ago Zelva became the horse trading hub for the entire world. Every year the owner of these lands – Prince Aleksander Sapieha – put about 1,000 pedigree horses up for sale… Horses are still a treasured commodity these days: horseback riding and horse cart riding are popular attractions for guests of the fair.

This year’s fair will feature a theatrical parade, a fair of arts and crafts, an exhibition of round breads, presentations of farm tourism estates, samples of Belarusian cuisine dishes, recreation of folk rites, a concert by artists from Belarus, Latvia, and Poland…