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Public interests of Belarusian citizens: healthy life style and charity

The Constitution of Belarus guarantees the citizens of the country the right to form public associations and join existing ones, as well as freedom to receive information about their activities.

The statistics of the last 5 years shows that the number of pubic associations in the country does not change significantly. Experts associate this trend, first of all, with the fact that the interests of most of the population in all spheres of public life are widely represented in the Belarusian civil society.

According to the Ministry of Justice, there were 2.443 public associations, of which 231 were international, 686 — republican, 1526 – local, in the republic as of July 2012. Moreover, there are 30 registered unions (associations) of public associations.

Most Belarusians prefer to join in healthy life style activities — 617 sports and social associations function in the country. The second popular aspect is charity — 395 organizations. The interests of Belarusian youth are represented by 237 youth public associations, including 30 children’s organizations. 218 organizations work in the sphere of education, training and organization of cultural activities. Moreover, the Ministry of Justice registered 83 public associations of veterans, war and labor disabled veterans. The country has 83 scientific and technical public associations and 49 creative associations. 66 organizations are concerned with nature protection, historical and cultural monuments. 30 associations represent the interests of women.

As of July 1, 15 political parties and 1.008 party organizations are registered in Belarus. 37 labor organizations (33 republican, 1 territorial and 3 trade unions in organizations) and 23.031 trade union organizations function in the country.

Experts of the Ministry of Justice also note the tendency to the expansion of the work of public and labor organizations in the regions.