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Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical branch aims to provide timely, high-quality medical care, and plays a vital role within public health care.

All drugs used in Belarus must be registered with the Centre of Expertise and Testing in Healthcare Republican Unitary Enterprise, as the agency overseeing the State Register of Medicines.



The industry has been rapidly developing, with Br4,508.3 billion of pharmaceuticals manufactured in the country in 2014: up 6.6 times compared to 2010, or 1.9 times more in US Dollar equivalent (US$227.4 million in 2010, compared to US$439.4 million in 2014).

The pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus embraces thirty enterprises, of all forms of ownership and of various departmental subordination. Every year, these enterprises master over a hundred new drugs, under constant supervision from the Health Ministry, overseen by the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry. The latter is endowed with state governmental authority in the field of medicine production.


In accordance with current legislation, producers of medicines ensure an effective system of quality assurance and control at enterprises, in line with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). GMP-related measures and procedures ensure production of drugs at a certain quality level.


The Department of Pharmaceutical Industry includes seven pharmaceutical companies:

- RUE Belmedpreparaty;

- JSC Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov (Plant of Medical Preparations in Barysaŭ);

- UE Minskinterkaps;


- JSC Nesvizh Plant of Medical Preparations;

- JSC Exon;


- JV SC Ferein;


- UE Lotios.


The major share, of about 60 percent of total production, is taken by two companies: JSC Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov; and RUE Belmedpreparaty. Enterprises subordinate to the Department produce over 70 percent of Belarus’ pharmaceutical goods.


The Department of Pharmaceutical Industry of Belarus’ Health Ministry – jointly with subordinate organisations – is working to supply drugs produced in Belarus to both traditional markets (CIS) and new (Africa, Latin America and Asia). Belarus exports drugs to around thirty countries, but predominantly within the CIS (over 80 percent). More than 36% of its production volumes are exported, and Belarusian manufacturers hold over 1,500 registration certificates for medicines exported abroad. Increased exports are the result of modernisation within the pharmaceutical industry and the receipt of GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice) at all production sites.


Between 2012 and 2014, the pharmaceutical industry realised twelve investment projects in the Republic of Belarus, attracting over US$56 million of direct foreign investments (net) including US$18 million in 2014.


Reconstruction, modernisation and realisation of new projects envisage production facilities meeting international standards. All newly established facilities must be certified for Good Manufacturing Practice, acting as a guarantor.

The pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus is ready to implement joint projects with foreign partners, producing high quality, effective and affordable medicines for sale at home and abroad.