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Brest Region

The world famous memorial complex “Brest Fortress-Hero”, created in 1969-1971 for the immortalization of the courageous deed of the defenders of the fortress who were the first to take the attack of the fascists in June 1941, is located in the Brest Region. The memorial complex includes the Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress.

One of the most popular touristic spots of not only the Brest Region, but of the whole Belarus is, of course, the National Park “Belovezhskaya Puscha”. Belovezhskaya Puscha is the last island of vast European forests which once stretched out from England to Italy and from Ukraine to Ural. For a reason it is included in the UNESCO list of world natural heritage on a par with other unique forests of the planet – the rain forests of the Amazon, mangrove forests of India and tropical forests of Puerto Rico.

The symbol of the Belovezhskaya Puscha, which became the symbol of Belarus a long time ago, is the mighty bison, the descendant of the European bison. Today, when walking along the open-air cages, you can see this giant and it’s hard to imagine that the bison could have disappeared from the face of the earth forever. Thanks to scientists and nature lovers which in the 1920’s came together in the “International Society for Bison Protection”, we can see this wonderful animal not only in pictures. Today bisons live in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and the Caucasus. But the first pack of hand-reared bisons was released in Belovezhskaya Puscha in 1952.

In 2003 a “fairytale” touristic spot – the estate of the Belarusian Father Frost – appeared on the territory of the Belovezhskaya Puscha. The residence of the favorite magician is located in the former bison farm. The area of the estate is 15 hectares. The highest natural fir tree (about 40 m) which is 120 years old grows on its territory. The amazing wooden sculptures on the territory of the magical residence are created by the famous woodcarver Alexander Maslo. The residence of Father Frost welcomes guests throughout the year.

Be sure to visit Kamenets where the unique donjon tower Belaya Vezha is located, Ruzhany where the majestic 18th century residence of the Sapieha is being restored today, and in Kossovo, where the national hero of Belarus, Poland and the USA Tadeusz Kosciuszko was born. The family home of Kosciuszko has been reconstructed and includes an estate with a museum, and the Gothic Revival style Kossovo Palace which is located in front of the estate.