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Belarus – country in the heart of Europe

Belarus is located in the very heart of Europe. By its territory (207.6 square meters) it exceeds the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Do you like to travel, discover new countries, get acquainted with new people and collect vivid impressions, but Belarus is still terra incognita, a blind spot on the map of Europe? It’s time to make up for this unfortunate overlook. Let’s become acquainted!

In the Middles Ages, the lands which are now modern Belarus were called the Country of Castles. Today it is more often called “blue-eyed”, the country of thousands of lakes. And thanks to forests, which occupy one third of the territory of the country, and the unique bog complexes it is also called the “lungs of Europe”.

Belarus attracts travelers by its unique nature, the beauty of which doesn’t strike the eye, but penetrates into the soul gradually and permanently. Belarusian rivers carry their waters calmly and proudly, and by inhaling the odor of pine forests it is possible to let not only your body, but also your soul, rest. There are still corners of intact nature in Belarus, where men have never stepped foot before, but where animals and birds which disappeared from European forests a long time ago feel very cozy. For a reason Belarus is well-known in the world among fans of ecological tourism, biologists, photographers and birdwatchers.

Over the course of history Belarus was the “intersection” of multiple trade routes. In literal sense the east and west, the north and south intersected here. The geographical position of Belarus made it open for the influence of other cultures. Probably due to this reason, one of the main traits of the Belarusian character — tolerance, patience to other religions, views, outlooks — was formed. Once you come here, you will appreciate the geniality and hospitality of Belarusians. They might not meet you with Hollywood smiles, but once you start a conversation with them, you will be pleasantly surprised with the cordiality and humbleness typical of Belarusians. Guests are loved here and everyone is always helpful.