Belarus Fashion Week

Nowadays together with the rapid development of our country’s economy the establishment of the Belarusian fashion industry takes its place. Among many emerging projects stands out Belarus Fashion Week, which for the last five seasons has been successfully representing the Belarusian fashion on the international arena.

Belarus Fashion Week is an international professional event aimed at popularization of “prêt-à-porter” designer clothes in Belarus. The Organizing Committee BFW promotes the country and its fashion potential at the international level by actively establishing the international relations with all the Fashion Weeks in the world. In addition, thanks to the professional team of Belarus Fashion Week, the appropriate conditions for local designers have been created in order to demonstrate their creative talent and to organize their business in Belarus. 

The majority of the participants of Belarus Fashion Week are the Belarusian designers who actively work and develop their business in Belarus, forming the modern image of national fashion. Among them arethe successful and established brands BOITSIK, DAVIDOVA, FELICITY, FUR GARDEN, Harydavets&Efremova, IVAN AIPLATOV, LENA TSOKALENKO, LUDMILA LABKOVA, MARINICH, RADA STYLE, SAMOSCHENKO, TARAKANOVA, YULIYA LATUSHKINA, O.Jen, Дом моды PAPILIO, Юля Nefertari; as well as young designers who need support and public interest to their work: HISTORIA NATURALIS, NATASHA TSU RAN, KG, KUCHERENKO, LEORGOFMAN and others.

Over the past five seasons, Belarus Fashion Week welcomed the guest collections of the following international brands: SLAVA ZAITSEV, ALINA ASSI, aliso lillot, Shoes Café “Madonna”, ALLEZYE, Dasha Gauser, GOLDA, Irina Kovalenko, Julia Janus, MASGALLI, MONA, NADIA SVENSSON, NASTYA MAKKEY, REPTILIA shoes brand, SANATAN, Yujenfashion, SOSNOVSKA, La Germaine, TINATIN MAGALASHVILI, Akbari Mahpare, Diana Pavlovskaya, I AM lovely, Lat’el, Lucja Woltala, Onder Ozkan, Mykytyuk&Yatsenyuk.


Peculiarities of the organization of Belarus Fashion Week

The format of Belarus Fashion Week presupposes the organization of daily runway shows of “prêt-a-porter” and “prêt-a-porter de luxe” designer collections. In concordance with the international practice for such events, Belarus Fashion Week takes place owing to the combined efforts of organizations and companies working in fashion, the financial participation of the partners and the official support of the State. Developing and gaining its credibility, Belarus Fashion Week contributes to the progress of the national design and provides a positive reputation for Belarusian companies, both in the country and abroad. 

The target audience of Belarus Fashion Week are, first of all, succeessful people, holding the leading positions in various spheres: CEOs of companies and organizations, representatives of business, politics, culture and sport; young people who are the potential consumers of “fashion life”. Another potential segment of the target audience of BFW is the youth, which initially positions itself as an independent unit of the society, which has set its goal to achieve a successful career and a high level of prosperity.

Besides its main activities the Organizing Committee BFW is engaged in additional projects.

Contest for young designers “New Names BFW”

The project has been created to provide young talents with opportunities for professional development, so that they could demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential employers. The winner of the contest gets a feasible chance to create a commercial capsule collection for one of the leading clothing manufacturers, which acts as the official partner of the contest.

Showroom Belarus Fashion Week

A sales exhibition of designer clothing, footwear and accessories, which takes place during Belarus Fashion Week. SHOWROOM BFW exhibitors are the designers of clothes, footwear, accessories, as well as the manufacturers of fashion, beauty and style goods.

Fashion Study Centre BFW

Educational lectures, workshops and seminars of Belarusian and international specialists on the acute topics related to different areas in fashion, culture and art.

Fashion BLOG Competition

The contest for fashion journalists Fashion Blog Competition aims at supporting young authors who write adequate and worthy articles about fashion. What’s more, the contest helps to form a generally positive opinion about the Belarusian blogs as the sources of information about fashion and culture. 

CHILDREN’S FASHION at Belarus Fashion Week

The Organizing Committee BFW focuses its attention onsocially relevant issues, such asthe assistance to seriously-ill children and orphans, and the creation of the philanthropic culture in the society.While realizing its projects, the Organizing CommitteeBFW actively cooperates with dynamic businesses.

The inmates of the children’s homes are always invited to the runway shows of CHILDREN’S FASHION; and BFW team, together with its partners, creates a true fest for them! Also, thisactionis a charity event -for the whole day there is a fundraiser for the treatment of a seriously-ill child.


During the fifth edition of Belarus fashion Week the Organizing Committee BFW created the second venue for presenting young and talented designers, who have just started their way in fashion business. The designers who presented their collections in the pilot season of OFF SCHEDULE program were Alena Levonyuk, Anna Dragotsennaya, LubOV TumanOVA, Зина Федюнина, LEORGOFMAN.