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“Green restructuring” of Belarusian economic model

Systematic work is conducted to shift the economy to “green” principles in Belarus. The republic is making a lot of effort in order to be an example of managing and caring for nature in the region. The country has all the conditions to reduce energy intensity, greenhouse gas emissions and prevent pollution of surface water and groundwater.

Belarus has a legislative framework, which is close to the European, high professional level of public administration and a quality control system of the environment.

The launch of new productions with low emissions, the use of innovative technologies – alternative and resource-saving also contributes to the development of a green economy.

Climate change

Belarus pays considerable attention to the problem of climate change, considering it a serious global challenge on the way to sustainable development.

Sharing responsibility for the safe future of the planet, Belarus joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (2000) and the Kyoto Protocol (2005).

Belarus supports the large-scale international cooperation on climate change, supports the need for a comprehensive new climate agreement, is making efforts to develop an effective, long-term equitable global climate policy that can meet today’s environmental challenges and threats.

Renewable energy

Aware of the growing role of renewable energy sources for the implementation of the sustainable development concept, Belarus supports the positive trend to strengthen international efforts to develop a global strategy for the use of renewable energy.

Belarus advocates the creation of a UN international mechanism, which, among other things, would help provide access to modern energy technologies for all countries.

Belarus has been a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) since the creation of the agency in 2009. Our country has high hopes for this specialized international organization, which, as expected, in the future will be the global platform for the exchange of best practices in the promotion of new and renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency.