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Commercial property

The Belarusian segment of commercial property is characterized by relative stability of prices and a significant potential for development in the sector of retail, warehousing and hotel property. In the past few years a number of projects involving foreign investors have been implemented in the republic, which will allow offering consumers new and modern facilities in the near future.

Segment of hotel property

Today both Minsk and other Belarusian cities are feeling a shortage of hotels of the most various price categories. Hotel rooms in the Belarusian capital are in steady demand among foreign guests: businessmen and travelers, the number of which, according to the estimates of analysts, will increase in view of the country hosting major sporting events, such as the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2014. In connection with this and other factors, the hotel property sector attracts interest of potential investors. Hotel complexes will be opened in Belarus in the near future by several international companies, such as Novotel, Marriott, Radisson, Kempinski, Hilton and Intercontinental.

Segment of office property 

The demand for office properties in the Belarusian capital — the main consumer of business property — demonstrated positive growth in 2012. The drivers of the office sector were IT-companies that are looking for new premises in connection with the expansion of staff and the opening of new areas of activity.

Rental rates on the office property market remained at the same level during the past year, only a small decrease occurred in the segment of class “A” objects: from 45 Euro/m2 to 37 Euro/m2 per month.

In 2012, 32,000 square meters of offices was put into operation in Minsk. All of them belong to the category B2. As of 2013, about 250,000 square meters in business centers of class A and B class was declared in Minsk.

Segment of retail property

The segment of retail property in Belarus is characterized by highly dynamic development. Thus, in 2013 it is planned to open a large number of the most various trading sites, involving both domestic and foreign companies. 20 objects with a total area of 250,000 square meters, half of which are large-format, will be put into operation.

The analysis of projects declared for implementation and their assessment suggests that in the period up to the end of 2015, approximately 850,000 square meters of sales premises will be additionally put out onto the market. This will allow putting into operation about 450-500 thousand square meters in terms of net sales premises.

As of today, the country has 375 shopping centers, and the total trading area exceeds 340,000 square meters. Two of them sell only food products, 73 — general merchandise, and 300 — clothing, footwear and other consumer goods. A total of 17,150 retail facilities are located in the shopping centers of the country.

The significant objects in Minsk in the sphere of retail property are shopping center “ALL”, multifunctional shopping and entertainment centers “Zamok”, “Arena City” and bus station “Centralny”.

Segment of warehousing property

The transit location of Belarus, as well as the growth of the retail sector, stimulate the development of the construction in the republic of logistics complexes in the area of the capital, as well as near major highways. The country has developed the Development Program of the Logistics System in Belarus, according to which it is planned to construct logistics centers at 36 sites by 2015. 6 of them are anchored in the Brest region, 4 — in the Viciebsk, Homel, Hrodna and Mahileū regions. Most of all sites — 14 – will be located in the Minsk region. 8 more sites for the construction of logistics centers in the republic are allocated outside the program: 3 – in the Homel and Hrodna regions each, as well as 2 – in the Mahileū region.

11 logistics centers have been currently commissioned in the republic: “Brest- Beltamozhservis”, “Minsk–Beltamozhservis”, FE “BLT-Logistik” , OJSC “Ozertso –Logistik”, LLC ”L-Bit Group”, TPUE “SHATE-M Plus”, LLC “Twenty-Four”, OJSC “Belmagistralavtotrans”, JLLC “Brestvneshtrans”, RUE “Minsk-Kristall” and LLC “InterStroyPortal Plus”. Over BYR 1.88 trillion has been attracted for the implementation of the investment projects.


The Belarusian market of retail property is interesting for the investors primarily in the sphere of administrative and commercial purposes. According to the Belarusian National Statistics Committee, following the results of the 1st quarter of 2013, about 37% of all foreign investments in the Republic of Belarus was received by trade. Most of them are aimed at the creation of retail property facilities. Active participants of the projects are investors from the neighboring countries: Russia and Lithuania, as well as companies from the Middle East: Lebanon, Qatar and Iran.

Among the most attractive objects for investment in Belarus, according to experts, is the hotel, warehousing and industrial property, as well as projects in the sphere of recreation and health.

Interesting investment projects are redevelopment projects, which are implemented in several ways: with the introduction of structural changes in the facility, conversion of the facility, as well as the regeneration of enterprises and territories of various profiles.