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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering remains the most important sector of Belarus with the active development of the agricultural and transport aspects. The republic produces over 59,000 tractors, 2,000 combine harvesters, 22,000 trucks, 2,000 buses per year. In 2011, the production of mechanical engineering products in monetary terms amounted to 12.7 billion US dollars.


Over 60% of Belarusian mechanical engineering products are sold abroad. Experts predict the medium-term growth of the demand for Belarusian mechanical engineering products in Russia and Kazakhstan, which collectively account for about 73% of the Belarusian mechanical engineering export. Experts note that good prospects for the export of these goods create conditions for the overall development of the sphere in the republic.



Largest enterprises of the industry


The Belarusian enterprises in mechanical engineering are widely known abroad thanks to such national brands as dump trucks “BelAZ”, tractors “Belarus”, trucks “MAZ”. Special equipment “Amkodor” and agricultural equipment “Gomselmash” also found their sales markets, constantly expanding the geography of export.


Belarusian brand - BelAZ. Photo:


The key enterprise of the republic in the transport sector is the holding “BelavtoMAZ” which is engaged in the production of tractor units, vehicle-borne, medium-duty trucks, dump trucks, timber trucks, car chassis fit for all kind of special equipment. Today BelAZ produces every third dump truck on the world market. The “portfolio” of the plant includes over 500 models and modifications, which are produced at OJSC “MAZ” — the managing company of the holding. “MAZ” also carries out the customized production of small buses, commuter coaches of level Euro 4 and 5, city buses of level Euro-4 and Euro-5.



“Minsk Tractor Works” has a share of more than 7% in its segment on the world market, selling products in over 120 countries of the world. “MTZ” produces a wide range of tractors from 80 to 200 h. p. in accordance with the environmental requirements Stage-3A. The main consumers of tractors “Belarus” is Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. In 2012, the list of exporting countries of MTZ tractors was joined by Equatorial Guinea, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Iraq.



PA “Gomselmash” is the leading company of Belarus in the sphere of agricultural mechanical engineering – it produces lines of grain and forage harvesters, mowers, shredders and other equipment. The export supplies of “Gomselmash” are carried out to CIS countries, Europe. The Latin American market has been tapped recently – the first batches of equipment went to Brazil.



Investments and joint projects


Belarusian mechanical engineering occupies one of the first places among the sectors which are of priority for foreign investments. Enterprises of the republic are interested in new joint projects in order to maintain export positions, obtain new experience, introduce innovations and expand product lines.


Belarusian brand - MAZ. Photo:


Among the projects implemented at the moment is the joint venture of the representatives of China and the Minsk Automobile Plant on the production of “MAZ”. The Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant and the Belarusian Automobile Plant are also participating in the project.



The famous French company “Peugeot Citroen” is considering the opportunity of placing the production of passenger cars in Belarus. The decision to work on the automobile market in Belarus is under discussion at the global giant “General Motors”, which has a long-term goal to assemble cars.



Ukraine considers the creation of joint ventures producing agricultural equipment with Belarus to be promising. Cooperation with mechanical engineering enterprises of the republic, according to the representatives of Ukraine, will allow carrying out the required modernization of the fleet of combines, tow hooks, tractors and other equipment.