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Pharmaceutical sector

The Belarusian pharmaceutical sector is classified as an actively developing segment which attracts investors. By volume of per capita consumption of pharmaceutical products, in 2011 the Republic of Belarus ranked third among the CIS countries and Georgia — 66.5 US dollars. Over 30 companies are engaged in the production of medicinal products in the country. Herewith, about 90% of drugs made in the country are produced by enterprises which are part of the concern “Belbiopharm”. The organization unites 18 institutions, the largest of which are RUE “Belmedpreparaty”, OJSC “Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations” and JV LLC “Pharmland”. According to the expectations of experts, the share of Belarusian medical preparations on the domestic market should amount to at least 50% in value terms by the end of 2015.

Investments and projects

One of the advantages of working in the Belarusian pharmaceutical sector is the access to the market of products of the Common Economic Space (CES) – following the results of 2011, its volume amounted to 24.8 billion US dollars, as well as the CIS market.

Special conditions for innovative pharmaceutical/biotechnological manufactures are created within the science and technology park “BelBiograd”.

Moreover, favorable factors for the development of cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry are

  • mutual recognition of market authorizations for pharmaceuticals for manufacturers of member states of the Customs Union manufactured in the conditions of good manufacturing practice (GMP) since 2013.
  • gradual harmonization of legal requirements in the sphere of medicinal products with EU requirements.
  • scientific potential of the biotechnological sphere: the development of institutes of the Academy of Sciences and higher education institutions in the sphere of genomic biotechnologies, veterinary science, agricultural biotechnologies.

Today companies from the Czech Republic and Switzerland which are ready to become investors in the creation of new enterprises for the production of new drugs and substances for domestic medicine, as well as take part in the opening of a pilot center or laboratory for cell engineering, are interested in projects with the pharmaceutical industry of Belarus. Representatives of the company Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Switzerland) and PrimeCella.s (Czech Republic) signed a Memorandum on cooperation and agreed to prepare proposals for the interested ministries and departments.