The motor racing team of Minsk Automobile Plant “MAZ-SPORTauto” was founded in 2010. The idea to create the Plant team, which will participate in the most prestigious international rally competitions, arose exactly at that time. This intention was realized in the form of the creation of the first rally truck in the short period of time. It is worth noticing the fact, that rally cars were designed by Plant’s constructors on the basis of the serial all-wheel drive truck.

The team made its debut on the international rally-raid «Silk way — 2010», during which the crew has successfully overcome all 8 stages of the track, with a total length of more than 4 000 km. The year after making all the technical improvements of the truck, there were 2 crews who took part in rally-raid «Silk way – 2011».
In 2012 “MAZ-SPORT auto” team took part in the largest international rally-raid «Dakar» (Peru, Argentina, Chilly) for the first time. 2 crews headed by the pilots Alexander Vasilevskiy and Sergei Vyazovich took part in this competition. At that time, they reached the finish line and entered the top-30 best crews at the class «Trucks». Alexander Vasilevskiy’s crew took the 21-st place; Sergey Vyazovich’s crew took 27-th place.
The team takes part regulary in largest international competitions such as «Dakar» (January), «Silk way» (July), «Kagan’s Gold» (April), «The Siberian tract» and etc. 
For its history “MAZ-SPORT auto” team became a worthy competitor and a serious rival of the strongest representatives of the international motor sport (KAMAZ, Iveco, Scania, MAN).
The team is the champion of the Republic of Belarus in rally-raid in T4 category “Trucks”, a bronze medalist of the rally-raid “Silk way — 2013”. The team has repeatedly took the leading positions at the certain stages of “Dakar” rally-raid (since 2012 till 2018 the team has started for 7 times at rally-raid “Dakar”). The crew, headed by Alexander Vasilevskiy took the 6-th place at “Dakar — 2017”.
All three MAZ crews entered top 10 at the international motor race “Silk way — 2016”.
The 40-th jubilee rally-marathon “Dakar — 2018” was held since the 6-th till the 20-th of January, 2018 on the territory of three countries: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The length of the route was about 9000 km. The length of special stages was about 3500 km., wherein the most part of the route passed through the tracks with large sands dunes, saline, river beds and mountain areas. Only 19 trucks remained in the final overall standing list out of 44 truck crews started at the beginning. The race was consisted of 14 stages, one of which was cancelled due to the bad weather conditions. (For comparison: the length of the route in 2017 was about 9000 km also. 50 crews started at the “Dakar — 2017”, while only 42 trucks reached the finish).
“MAZ-SPORT auto” team was presented by 3 truck crews at the marathon. Belarusian racers started at the rally at the previous team structure. The key aim of the team’s participation was to enter the top strongest crews and this aim was achieved.
The crew, headed by Sergei Vyazovich took the second place in the final overall standing list according to the results of “Dakar — 2018”, what is the best result for Belarusians. Furthermore, “MAZ-SPORT auto” was the only team which reached the finish line at the full team structure. Other participants lost their crews during the race.