Take part of Belarus with you

Hand crafts made of straw, BelTA

Traditional Belarusian souvenirs include all sorts of ceramic products: cups, plates, whistles, ocarinas, candlesticks, horseshoes, bells with views of Belarus, bison figures. You will find them in the “Town of Masters” during any national holiday or festival. As well as crafty vine goods, including baskets, comfortable cane furniture and interior elements, such as a rocking chair for your summer house or an original lamp shade for a chandelier.

There is a large selection of high-quality linen items in Belarusian stores: tablecloths, towels, bedding, as well as clothing — pants, dresses and sarafans. The lingerie of the well-known company “Milavitsa” is usually very popular.

Fans of hard liquors look for vodka and “Bulbash” liqueurs (“On birch buds”, “Cranberry”, “Zubrovaya”) in Belarusian stores, as well as the famous “Krambambulya” — liquor with honey and spices.

But it is easier to choose a Belarusian souvenir for someone who loves sweets and chocolate. Turn your attention to products of Belarusian confectioneries “Kommunarka”, “Spartak” and “Krasny Pischevik”.