International Festival "Slavic Unity 2013"

Date: 29.06.2013 — 30.06.2013

Venue: Gomel region

Address: Gomel Region, Dobrush District, Monument of Friendship on the border of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

Category: Culture

International Festival of Slavic peoples at the Monument of Friendship on the border of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine has been held for over 30 years and every year it is supplemented and expanded. The event brings together thousands of young people on stages and sports grounds of the international friendship camps.

The holiday program includes the holding of the festival of historic cities of the Bryansk, Chernigov and Gomel regions, a meeting at the Monument of Friendship, sports competitions, concert of amateur ensembles and popular artists. Numerous guests of the forum will be able to visit such creative grounds of the Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian regions as "Planet of Childhood", "Space and Us" and trade fairs, which will demonstrate a wide range of domestic, Russian and Ukrainian products.

The national identity of the three states, sincerity, bright temperament of their artists and painstaking work of the organizers turn "Slavic Unity" into a celebration of friendship, youth and art. Here you will witness the exchange of achievements in the spheres of music, dance and folk art. Each year the stage of this festival gives unforgettable impressions to thousands of people.

Organizers and contact information: Gomel Region Executive Committee, tel. +375 232 74-51-20, +375 232 74 98 29