50 things to do in Belarus

Here on our website we have created a unique guide to the most vivid impressions that  a tourist can get by traveling around Belarus.

Belarusians put their hearts and souls into this list to help our foreign guests to experience Belarus to the fullest!

That is why we are happy to challenge you: how many of these 50 things can YOU do during your next trip around Belarus?

♦ Watch a lamplighter lighting street lamps at Sovetskaya Street in the city of Brest

♦ Hear the Middle Ages’ voice in the corridors and towers of Mir Castle

♦ Recognize Mona Lisa on the mural “Belarusian Fire Service History” on the facade of the old city firehouse in Grodno

♦ Check your watch with the oldest existing tower clock in Europe located in the tower of the St. Francis Xavier Church in Grodno

♦ Connect with the past and visit the Soviet era symbol – the House-Museum of the 1st RSDLP Congress in Minsk

♦ Rub a finger of the magician-astrologer granting wishes on the Ploschad Zvezd (the Stars Square) in Mogilev

♦ Wish on the next trip at the Eternal Passenger monument in the city of Gomel

♦ Compare a copy of the Christ statue located in the town of Ivye with the original statue in Rio de Janeiro

♦ Jump over the fire on Kupalle Night and put a flower wreath into the river

♦ Plunge into the history by visiting ancient Belarusian country estates

♦ Learn to distinguish the sounds of a bass and a cello by attending the musicales ‘Classic Music at the Town Hall’ in Minsk

♦ Twist cornflowers into a wreath

♦ Try to weave a traditional rushnik (a homespun towel embroidered with ritual symbols and cryptograms) in the village of Neglyubka, Gomel region

♦ Sleep in a cabin of the floating hotel in the town of Turov

♦ Learn the recipe of the most delicious cocktail in the bars in Zybitskaya – the most happening street in Minsk

♦ Climb the tower of the Roman Catholic Church in the township of Gervyaty, Grodno region, and enjoy the panoramic view

♦ Learn a football chant at the match in Borisov Arena

♦ Plunge into the Berezina River near Borisov to know the feelings of the soldiers of Napoleon’s army in 1812

♦ Take a safari in the ‘Braslav Lakes’ National Park and take a picture of a moose in nature’s lap

♦ Take a look at the House-Museum of Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Kossovo to see around and learn about the professional traveler whose name was given to the highest mountain in Australia

♦ Break the logic laws and check your vestibular apparatus in the inverted Ella’s house in Dukorsky mayontak (estate) near Minsk

♦ Buy souvenirs with the Belarusian ornaments in the tourist information center at the railway station in Minsk

♦ See the Faberge eggs and other exhibits in the Museum of Rescued Art Treasures in Brest, which was opened based on the things confiscated by border guards

♦ Bring a vyshivanka (an embroidered shirt) to your homeland as a keepsake remembering about the Belarusian culture

♦ Take a photo with the tank in the homeland of the legendary game World of Tanks

♦ Get selfies with the sights of Belarus in the MSQRD mobile application developed by Belarusians

♦ Steer the steam locomotive in the Railway Equipment Museum in the city of Brest

♦ Walk down the sobriety alley in the township of Mosar, Vitebsk region being sober

♦ Enjoy the architectural splendor of the towers of Kossovo palace and then count them

♦ Build a collection of photos of the graffitis made in the famous Oktyabrskaya Street in Minsk

♦ Try swamp shoes to be able to go through the swamp, collect cranberries and see cranes

♦ Go for a spin in a BELAZ in the city of Zhodino

♦ Take part in the traditional potato harvest in the fall

♦ Put a note under the wish stone in the Nesvizh Park and make a wish at panna Barbara statue

♦ Step the longest suspension bridge in Belarus located in the town of Mosty, Grodno region

♦ Find the Centre of Europe in Polotsk, Vitebsk region

♦ Take a photo with the famous sculpture of one-headed Tsmok (a dragon) in the town of Lepel

♦Take a photo in front of the monument to the unique ‘Ў’ letter (the short U) in Polotsk

♦ Recall the history of the Ancient Rus in one of the oldest surviving churches in Belarus — Boris and Gleb Church (Kalozha Church) in Grodno

♦ Listen to the Belarusian folk music and visit the unique open-air architecture and life museum in the village of Ozertso near Minsk at the annual folk festival ‘Kamyanitsa’

♦ Take a photo of salt mountains in Soligorsk at sunset

♦ Get familiar with a traditional vytinanka (crafts made of paper and cardboard) and shape something beautiful

♦ Taste candied cranberries

♦ Taste traditional potato dishes of the Belarusian cuisine: draniki (potato pancakes), kolduny, babka, dumplings, potato casseroles, etc.

♦ Try to solve the John F. Kennedy murder riddle looking into the windows of Lee Harvey Oswald’ apartment in the Ploschad Pobedy area in Minsk

♦ Visit the ‘Belovezhskaya Pushcha’ National Park and ask the Belarusian Santa Clause about the secret of granting New Year’s wishes

♦ Learn what is ‘hot ice’ visiting a Dinamo-Minsk ice hockey game

♦ Understand the philosophy of the world famous artist Marc Chagall’s paintings in the city of Vitebsk

♦ Connect with the Soviet era in the Memorial Museum-Workshop of the Belarusian Soviet sculptor Z.I. Azgur

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