One in three dump trucks produced globally is manufactured by Belarusian Autoworks (BelAZ trademark), one of the leading producers of construction machinery and vehicles for open-pit mining.

The reputation of “BELAZ” trademark reflects the years of stable development. Steady efficiency growth, technology development, innovations implementation — only this approach helps to meet the demands on the market.

♦ 30% the share of the company on the global market of superheavy mining dump trucks

♦ >80 countries in the world included in the geography of supplies

♦ 450 tonnes payload capacity of the biggest dump truck in the world — BELAZ-75710

♦ >550 modifications of mining equipment have been developed for operation in different climate conditions

An interesting fact: just imagine that the world’s biggest animal – the blue whale – weighs about 200 tonnes. So, theoretically BELAZ-75710 can lift two of those giants!

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